Concert of Jubilee 25th on Music Academy


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of foundation, Magnificat Choir given a great concert to audience of Music Academy on 2nd October.  

Well done, Vox!

Congratulations! Vox Caelestis won its category by 25.75 points and was given a Level 6 Golden diploma. This also means that Vox Caelestis got the best qualification throughout the whole competition. We know that you'll win the Grand Prize next time! :)

Vox goes for the Grand Prize

We are happy to be able to inform you that Vox Caelestis has won the First Prize of the category 'A1' Mixed Choirs, so they are eligible to go for the Grand Prize. We wholeheartedly congratulate for this achievement, and we are excitedly waiting for the Grand Prize Competition.

Go for it, Vox!

Our younger brother, Vox Caelestis participates this year's Internation Choir Competition & Festival Budapest, where Magnificat won the categories of "Folklore" and "Female choirs", and also won the Grand Prize. Vox Caelestis is registered for A1 "Mixed Choirs" category, in which Stockholms Musikgymnasium Youth Choir is a true match for Vox Caelestis. Jitter with us for the success of Vox. Read the full article to know more details.

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